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The path to a successful positioning and professional marketing always starts with a strong foundation. For Q-Consult Zorg, this was no different. The brand has big ambitions to be top of mind for clients, stakeholders, and potential employees. But how do you communicate with them through three labels? How do you guide marketing and communication activities? NOSUCH On-Site got to work creating a marketing plan to answer these questions and immediately started with its execution.

Q-Consult Zorg: Change in Practice

Q-Consult Zorg is the consultancy firm for complex issues in the healthcare sector. They are the expertise partner for care providers, industry organizations, and national parties like ministries. They offer the implementation power to make plans a reality. That’s how Q-Consult Zorg brings change to practice.

Q-Consult Zorg had the desire to strengthen its positioning and professionalize its marketing. However, the right foundation was required for this. A strategic marketing plan. How do we ensure that Q-Consult Zorg is top of mind among clients, stakeholders, and potential employees? How do we communicate with them through the three labels – Q-Consult Zorg, Q-Academie, and Q-Talent? How do we provide guidance for these marketing and communication activities? And how do we make the results measurable? These questions formed the basis for NOSUCH On-Site’s MarCom advice and execution.

Advice from A to Z

MarCom support at Q-Consult Zorg consisted of several phases, allowing the NOSUCH On-Site team to provide advice from start to finish. This team consisted of our professionals Xandra, Helena, and Demi. Q-Consult Zorg gave us complete freedom to utilize our expertise, make decisions, and take action.

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Xandra and Helena were responsible for developing the marketing plan and roadmap. During the research phase, we delved deep into Q-Consult Zorg and its environment. Interviews with board members, business developers, and other employees provided a clear picture of the organization’s strategic goals, services, and core values. We explored the target audience and their needs, as well as Q-Consult Zorg’s unique value compared to the competition. A quick scan identified competitors’ offline and online channels, and an SEO analysis provided insight into the online visibility of Q-Consult Zorg’s labels.

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Strategic Marketing Plan

The information and insights from the research phase formed the basis of the strategic marketing plan. This plan contains strategic advice to achieve the desired marketing and communication objectives. The advice was further detailed in a roadmap, divided into five pillars: CX approach (Customer experience), brand image, content marketing, employee branding, and marketing authority.

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In the roadmap, strategic recommendations were concretized into a comprehensive advisory with suggested activities, optimizations, and actions for Q-Consult Zorg. It outlined the actions to take in terms of marketing and how effectiveness could be measured. MarCom activities were detailed in the roadmap as concrete deliverables and prioritized in a timeline.

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On-Site Execution of the Marketing Plan

Simultaneously with the development of the marketing plan, On-Site professional Demi handled the MarCom execution. This included creating and managing content for online channels, and the activities in the marketing plan were initiated immediately. This way, we made strides in thought leadership and content marketing with the launch of the online campaign about the Integraal Zorgakkoord, the podcast launch, the first Q newsletters, and substantive articles and customer cases.

Happy with the Result

After a period of eight months, the foundation for marketing at Q-Consult Zorg was laid, and we started building. This serves as a baseline, allowing adjustments and further optimizations based on the initial results. This makes MarCom activities for Q-Consult Zorg increasingly effective and efficient!

Nienke Bults, Director and our marketing stakeholder at Q-Consult Zorg, is very pleased with the results:

NOSUCH was able to become an integral part of the organization very quickly, worked easily and effectively with our employees, and brought a breath of fresh air to the organization. With a concrete marketing plan, we can now further implement our objectives!

Nienke Bults, Director and partner Q-Consult Zorg

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